Ristorante 28 Posti Milano

28 Posti
28 POSTI is a contemporary restaurant of Meditennean cuisine.
The architectural project has restored the place to its original state adding new elements of decor produced entirely from recycled materials.
The kitchen is the soul of the project and is accessible to guests via a quick mandatory passage at the entrance and an opening in the room that reveals the preparation of dishes.
The building works were carried out by the inmates of the Penitentiary Institute of Bollate, who benefited from Art. 21 taking part in the construction site.
The no-profit NGO Liveinslums, partner of the project, started up a carpentry workshop in the prison, where inmates built tables, doors and cabinets for the restaurant, designed by Francesco Faccin and made with the contribution of the master cabinetmaker Giuseppe Filippini.
In January 2020, the restaurant invited the designer Cristina Celestino for the artistic direction of a new interior design intervention that wanted to maintain the stylistic features of 28 Posti linked to the concepts of authenticity, matter, simplicity, origin; using the products of Fornace Brioni and Matteo Brioni.
Many of the objects that we use in the dining room and kitchen are self-productions that come from the slums of Mathare and from the iron laboratory of Jua Kali (Nairobi), part of the Made in slum exhibition - Milan Triennale 2013.
The room exhibits the Nomadic Sellers and Statale 106 photo projects by Filippo Romano; showcased are the images of the In case of Loss and Sapologie photo projects by Francesco Giusti.
28 Posti is constantly committed to giving space to projects related to photography, fashion and design. During the week of Salone del Mobile every year it hosts a dinner four hands designed by the chef Marco Ambrosino with a designer.
The chef

Marco Ambrosino, young chef born in Procida, proposes a contemporary cuisine, using only seasonal products, oriented towards ethical values, attentive to the quality of food, to the respect of the environment and to the fairness of production processes. His previous experience (of which we mention the Melograno in Ischia with the chef Libera Jovine and the Noma in Copenhagen) have allowed him to create a harmonious balance between the traditional cuisine of Campania and a more experimental and avant-garde type of cuisine.
He teaches cooking at the Food Genius Academy in Milan and collaborates with the Advanced Course in Italian Cuisine at ALMA International School of Italian Cuisine.
In 2019 he founded the Mediterranean Collective Association which aims to tell and promote multiculturalism, biodiversity and the experiences of the gastronomic traditions of the Mediterranean area.
The Michelin Guide 2018 awarded him with a plate; Espresso 2018 guide awarded him two hats (one in 2017); Gambero Rosso 2018 awarded the score 73 (kitchen 46).
Marco Ambrosino in 2017 was also awarded by Touring Club for the "Best Pasta Dish" and entered with 28 Posti in the "Ristoranti D'Autore" Guide by Identità Golose 2018.
From 2017 he is the relator at LSDM International Congress of Cuisine of Author curated by Albert Sapere and Barbara Guerra.


The restaurant selects premium quality labels favouring small producers and artisan winemakers.
Small lands, managed by companies that respect the territory, the rural culture and biodiversity, 80% natural wines from biodynamic agriculture.

Wine Menu


Taking advantage from the experience of our restaurant we have devised alternatives to taste the refined creations of chef Marco Ambrosino in a different context chosen directly by you. We will design the menu based on the type of event (private dinners, aperitifs, small ceremonies, convention and corporate events) to make your special occasions a unique experience.


via Corsico 1 (Fermata MM verde Porta Genova)

Telefono: 02 8392377

We are open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, at these times:
>> 19.30 - 23.30 PM

We open 7th January 2022.

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