The Association Liveinslums Onlus (Gaetano Berni – Maria Luisa Daglia – Silvia Orazi), partner of the project, started within the Bollate’s pentientiary a carpentry workshop and a laboratory for furniture construction in which are participating some of the detainees who haven’t the permission to go out. The workers have been identified by educators and they are followed by the members of the association during the whole training and working period.

In the construction workshop are realized tables, doors and wardrobe designed by Francesco Faccin with the technical supervision of the master carpenter Giuseppe Filippini.

The restaurant’s objective is also to become a showcase of these furnishings in order to create a direct sales network with the Bollate’s penitentiary workshop.

In fact, the laboratory will continue to develop and create projects related not only to food, but also to plan and program an external guests network, linked to the milanese design, which can create and design a new furniture collection with the help of the detainees themselves.

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